Introducing a guideline
for a smart city

The Smart Dubai blueprint outlines a coordinated strategic direction for all stakeholders to implement the smart city platform.

Smart Dubai has developed a Blueprint for Government entities and the private sector to understand the top level guidelines to implement the smart city strategy. The blueprint is an umbrella document out of which come districts and other specific vertical use cases.


The Blueprint provides a view of the strategy, standards and systems required to implement the smart city strategy. It defines the Smart Dubai Dimensions and the specific services that evolve from them, while also laying out architectural guidelines which need to be respected to develop future smart services.

Central to the Blueprint is the the Smart City Platform, with its layers highlighting the importance of data orchestration in the city to enable new outcomes. The Blueprint also aims to propose standardisation of all city systems to enhance smart city services, outlines the protocols that will enhance interconnectivity of city systems and sets the expectations for the City Platform.


The Blueprint integrates the contributions of multiple city stakeholders who provide the backbone for smart city services. The document highlights the need to coordinate approaches to ensure added value of smart city services.


Architecture is proposed of the technical platforms that will enable all smart city initiatives, as defined through the Smart Dubai strategy. The design fosters enablement of communication between smart city components and covers the whole scope of city activity, as defined within the Dimensions.


Based on evolving International Standards, the Blueprint establishes clear guidelines that enable the smooth integration of current systems and future innovations. The Blueprint also endeavours to ensure that Dubai has best of breed, future enabled, solutions through a solid framework. The solution design for certain specific services is also laid out.


Inputs to the Blueprint are sourced by the Smart Dubai team from:

  • International standards
  • Government current state report
  • Market benchmark architectures


The Blueprint is the guideline for the implementation of many services across the city and is the initial requirement set for the Smart City Platform, which is implemented with a wide cross section of technology industry players.