Making experiences more seamless,
safe, efficient and impactful

The Smart Dubai initiative structures its end-goals across a carefully crafted set of strategic pillars. These are Efficient, Seamless, Safe and Impactful.

Our Pillars

The pillars provide a distinct view of the impact the city needs to create, in tandem with all public and private stakeholders.

We envision a city where all its resources are optimised for maximum efficiency, where services are integrated seamlessly into daily life, where we protect both our people and information — creating the most enriched life and business experience possible for all.

Dubai will become the innovation benchmark for smart cities seeking global sustainability and competitiveness

Unified Strategy

The objectives of Smart Dubai do not warrant creating a strategy based on entirely new initiatives for Dubai. Instead, the city leadership has chosen to channel existing successful initiatives into a unified strategy, which in turn is prioritized into focal areas for a significant collective gain and to provide the foundation for innovation.

Dubai ranks 28th on the Innovation Cities Index 2014, a position it is working hard towards surpassing. The city’s 7 year agenda through the Dubai Plan 2021 prioritises innovation as the key driver of the economy across all sectors. This, in turn, connects with the UAE federal Innovation Agenda, and is squarely in line with His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, the President of the UAE, declaring 2015 as the Year of Innovation.

Quality of living is one of the metrics where Dubai has been recognised as one of the fastest climbing cities in global rankings. Dubai also has a clear lead across the entire Middle East and North African region in this area and is ranked 7th on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2014.

With many expatriates calling Dubai home, there is a direct correlation to the city’s proven track record of catalysing business—a key focus indicated by the city ranking 23rd on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business report in 2014.

The strategic goals set out by Smart Dubai have helped align over 26 government departments, with consolidated monetary as well as operational efforts. Private sector participation is slated for the next stage in Smart Dubai’s strategy, solidifying an unprecedented partnership in the region to work towards a singular goal.