Our vision is to make Dubai the
happiest city on Earth

Smart Dubai was born out of the visionary approach of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid to focus the city’s unified effort towards its most valued asset - its people

Our Vision

Instead of charting the well-trodden course of focusing on the process, Sheikh Mohammed inspired a vision that is limitless, yet surprisingly simple — to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth.

Dubai has historically pioneered exceptional quality of life and an unparalleled business environment. Outlined in His Highness’ vision, technology, as the platform for solutions, is simply to play the role of enabler, rather than the principal goal. The ultimate goal remains the happiness of the city’s people, whether citizens, residents or visitors.

Our Mission

To fulfill our mission to create happiness, we are embracing technology innovation—making Dubai the most efficient, seamless, safe and impactful experience for residents and visitors.

In addition to pioneering quality of life, Dubai’s leadership has always created value through smart solutions, even before the terminology shifted towards ‘smart’ cities. In fact the city has been creating a culture of government excellence since the mid-90s, prioritising service levels across all government touch points. As Dubai has an existing roster of over 1000 e-services, the city has a strategic advantage to realising its vision to become the ‘smartest’ city.

Besides immediate gains for the city’s overall sustainability and competitiveness, Dubai has an opportunity to create a true blueprint for the emerging economies of the world.

With its infrastructure rapidly developing to cater to the next 30 million visitors by 2020, the city can bake ‘smart design’ right into its fabric as a set of greenfield initiatives.

Much of the developed world continues to retro-fit outdated infrastructure (brownfield) to support it’s next growth trajectory, thus lessons learned from the European and American continents may be adapted for rapidly growing economies.
Dubai is home to over 300 global and regional ICT firms. Despite its relatively small geography and populace, the city has leveraged its location and infrastructure to attract global players to locate their regional hubs from the city. His Highness’ vision primes the city’s leadership to continue on its quest for excellence, with a refocused, human purpose.

Dubai is home to 4 million residents from 180 countries. Dubai welcomes five times its population in visitors each year (20 million in 2013). The impact the city can create with a goal to drive happiness is immense, and growing exponentially year by year. Dubai is already ranked seventh on the Happiness Index in 2014.

The Smart Dubai initiative, formally undertaken in March 2014, aims to establish Dubai as the smartest city by 2017, driven by four key strategic pillars and spanning six dimensions classifying initiatives citywide.