December 2016

Introducing The New Digital Backbone of Dubai - Smart Dubai Platform

Uniting all aspects of Dubai’s smart city roadmap, the Smart Dubai Platform will be unlike any other smart city platform operating in the world today. Built through a collaborative and interactive process with all city stakeholders, the Smart Dubai Platform is an embodiment of Smart Dubai’s efforts to reshaping the way government services are structured to meet the needs of the customer, rather than the other way around.

To deliver the Smart Dubai Platform, Smart Dubai is pioneering a new class public-private partners with its Strategic Partner for the Smart Dubai Platform, du. du will be contributing their expertise to build a collaboratively-designed platform that brings the most advanced technology innovations on the market to support smart city experiences for all Dubai residents, visitors, business owners and city decision makers.

Enhancing City Benefits For All

Powered by the Smart Dubai Platform, Smart Dubai is brining about radical enhancements to city leadership decision-making, operational efficiencies, and daily quality of life. Smart Dubai has structure the new digital backbone to deliver benefits for all city stakeholders, including: residents and families; entrepreneurs and business owners; government employees and decision makers; and international tourists and business travellers.

Some examples of the benefits that the platform will deliver for the city in the near future include:

- For a city planner, directing operational cost-savings into data-driven research and development.
- For a mother, checking health data from her child’s school to determine if a flu vaccination is required.
- For a father, reviewing household energy consumption to conserve resources and save money for a family vacation.
- For a tourist, utilising the live public transportation data to make the most out of his time spent in the city.
- And for all commuters, enjoying reduced traffic congestion as more and more services are transacted online.

Platform Benefits

When the Smart Dubai Platform is delivered, Dubai will benefit from:

- Personalised dashboards and analytics tools, for individuals, business owners, government departments, and city leaders.
- A unified, single-sign-on digital ID that will permit individuals to access hundreds of city services with one secure username and password that is also linked to their Emirates ID, so that city services can be completed faster and more easily for all parties.
- A secure digital payment gateway that protects both individuals and organisations with reliable and timely digital payments. With secure digital payments powered by the Smart Dubai Platform, individuals will be able to transfer and receive payments with comfort and peace of mind.
- The Smart Dubai Platform will be available as a “Platform as a Service” to government entities or the private sector to be able to benefit from the full suite of services provided by the platform.
- All users of the Smart Dubai Platform will benefit from its real-time app environment, powering live dashboards and other time-dependent operations such as traffic monitoring; smart grids connected through the internet of things.
- The Smart Dubai Platform will be fully enabled with geo-location data support, enabling advanced responsiveness in many citywide applications, from emergency medical response to event planning and transportation logistics.
- The Smart Dubai Platform will store the complete catalogue of open and shared city data, enabling efficient and secure data sharing and secure data-cloud services for the city. The Smart Dubai Platform will be the source for open city data for entrepreneurs, city planners and business owners seeking to learn and benefit from city data.

Prioritizing Security

Security is central to the Smart Dubai Platform, and we are ensuring secure checks and balances at every level of the Platform through comprehensive and proactive cyber security defence mechanisms. The safety of the city’s and individuals’ data is our utmost priority.

The Smart Dubai Platform will be the secure hub of Dubai’s citywide Internet of Things network. All city data will be aggregated and analysed through the Smart Dubai Platform, powering real-time analytics dashboards for the city.