Smart Dubai Podcast

The Smart Dubai Podcast invites smart city leaders from across the globe in an effort to share knowledge on opportunities and challenges faced by the governments and private sector entities when building citizen-centric smart cities.

In addition to the Smart Dubai website, the Smart Dubai Podcast is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. Look out for a new episode every two weeks!

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Episode 30

What does the future of sustainable mobility look like?

In this week’s episode we welcome Eng. Nada Jasim, Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning Department at RTA, who discusses RTA’s latest updates towards meeting the goals of the Dubai Autonomous Strategy 2030 and also shares her thoughts on what the future of sustainable mobility will look like in Dubai.

January 19 2021
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Episode 29

Outlining Smart Dubai’s Vision For The Next 50 Years

This week’s episode not only celebrates the One Year Anniversary of the Smart Dubai Podcast, but also bring us into the year that celebrates the UAE’s 50th National Day. Our guest on today’s episode therefore is none other than H.E. Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General, Smart Dubai and CEO, Dubai Data Establishment. H.E. shares his views on how the UAE’s forward-thinking vision helped us battle the global pandemic in 2020 and what his plans for Smart Dubai’s future is over the next 50 years.

January 05 2021
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Episode 28

How Can Buy Now Pay Later Options Be The Future Of Payments Across All Industry Sectors

In this week’s episode we speak to Ammar Afif, Founder of Buy Now Pay Later platform Cashew, who discusses how Buy Now Pay Later options are bound to become the future of transactions across all industry sectors, and not just Retail. As a new founder, Ammar also discusses how Dubai’s governance models and infrastructure makes the city the perfect epicenter to grow, access global talent and tap into regional emerging growth markets.

December 22 2020
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Episode 27

Why human centric city planning is as crucial as technology when building a leading smart city

In this week’s episode we speak to Reem Al Zarooni, Chief Operating Officer, Palmwood who discusses what Design Thinking is and why embedding Design Thinking with Urban Planning is crucial for the growth of sustainable smart cities. Reem also discusses some of the key projects being implemented by Palmwood today and how Smart Dubai Podcast’s listeners can support their work.

December 08 2020
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Episode 26

How the rise of emerging technologies is causing a rapid change in laws and regulations globally

In this week’s episode we welcome H.E. Justice Dr. Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director General of the Dubai Judicial Institute. H.E. shares insights on how the rise of new technologies is rapidly changing the legal and regulatory framework in Dubai and across the globe. Additionally, he also discusses what he envisions the perfect bridge between technology and the legal landscape to look like.

November 24 2020