Smart Dubai Podcast

The Smart Dubai Podcast invites smart city leaders from across the globe in an effort to share knowledge on opportunities and challenges faced by the governments and private sector entities when building citizen-centric smart cities.

In addition to the Smart Dubai website, the Smart Dubai Podcast is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. Look out for a new episode every two weeks!

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Episode 38

What are Circular Cities?

In this week’s episode we welcome Dr.Okan Geray, Strategic Planning Advisor at Smart Dubai. Dr.Geray discusses why governments must look at building circular economies to ensure cities become more sustainable, and unveils key highlights from his recently authored “A Guide To Building Circular Cities” published by the United Nations.

May 11 2021
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Episode 37

How is technology shaping the future of work?

In this week’s episode we welcome Thierry Nicault, Regional Vice-President for Middle East and Africa at Salesforce. Thierry discusses why digital transformation is now a key priority for majority of organizations across the globe, and how organizations can support employees in developing the digital skills needed in the workplace.

April 27 2021
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Episode 36

Making peer-to-peer payments simple, social and fun – introducing Ziina

In this week’s episode we welcome Faisal Toukan, CEO, Ziina. Faisal will be discussing how Ziina aims to be the default peer-to-peer payments platform in the Middle East, and how they plan to achieve that by helping consumers make payments to friends and vendors seamlessly, with minimal fees, whilst also enjoying the social aspect of using the application.

April 13 2021
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Episode 35

How harmful could a QR code be? Outlining the importance of cyber-security in the post-COVID era

In this week’s episode we welcome Haider Pasha, Chief Security Officer of Palo Alto Networks Middle East & Africa. Haider will be outlining the importance and benefits of cybersecurity in today’s age and how the sector has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 30 2021
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Episode 34

How are Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies enabling a better internet?

In this week’s episode we welcome Ahmed Al Balaghi, Co-Founder and CEO of Biconomy. Ahmed shares his story on why he founded Biconomy, how it aims to accelerate the development of Blockchain powered applications and why he believes in the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Ahmed is also the founder and host of the region’s leading Blockchain focused podcast titled Encrypted.

March 16 2021