Smart Dubai Podcast

The Smart Dubai Podcast invites smart city leaders from across the globe in an effort to share knowledge on opportunities and challenges faced by the governments and private sector entities when building citizen-centric smart cities.

In addition to the Smart Dubai website, the Smart Dubai Podcast is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. Look out for a new episode every two weeks!

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Episode 8

How Dubai’s Happiness Agenda Is Redefining Customer Experiences In The City

Hamad Al Awadhi, Project Manager of the Dubai Happiness Agenda overseen by Smart Dubai discusses how collaborating with government and private sector partners to redefine customer experiences in the city is helping make Dubai the happiest city on Earth.

March 17 2020
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Episode 7

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and everything else you need you know about this growing technology

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre and Accelliance Consultancy, and Director of IT at the Dubai Electronic Security Centre discusses the growth of the Blockchain ecosystem in Dubai, the difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, why people should trust in Blockchain, and how one can learn more about this booming technology.

March 03 2020
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Episode 6

Key steps for Governments to foster innovation and build a city’s startup ecosystem

H.E. Khalfan Belhoul, CEO, Dubai Future Foundation discusses key roles of the Foundation and steps taken over the past four years to attract the globes best startups to Dubai, helping build an ecosystem to foster innovation in an era we define as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Also learn more about the recently announced Dubai Future District and how it is going to define the future of innovation in Dubai.

February 18 2020
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Episode 5

Digital Nation: How The United Arab Emirates Is Building A Future On Tech Innovation

Dr.Saeed Al Dhaheri, Chairman of Smart World, ex-Director General of the Emirates ID and a renowned veteran of the UAE technology industry comes together with Ranjit Rajan, Associate Vice President of Research, IDC to discuss their latest book Digital Nation. The authors will discuss how the book uncovers the mindset and approach of the UAE’s rulers and its senior-leaders from the public and private sectors as they pursue a digital vision and bring it to life.

February 04 2020
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Episode 4

Dubai Government goes paperless with 300+ Government to Individual Services being offered through ONE mobile application – Zeina El Kaissi, Chief Digital Director, Smart Dubai

With an ambitious mandate of making Dubai Government to Individual transactions completely paperless by Dec 2021, our fourth episode discusses how Smart Dubai has redefined traditional government working culture to digitize, design and deliver over 600 city services through one mobile application in just four years.

January 21 2020